Making People Laugh

With the COVID-19 social distancing, I decided I wanted to make people in my neighborhood laugh. Many people are putting ready bears in their windows, I decided I wanted to do something funny. We were watching SpongeBob the other night, we got to the episode where Patrick needs to build a stable to house Mystery, a seahorse SpongeBob found. He somehow nails a board to his head. I told my family that is it, that is what is going in the window. I think that would be perfect for this current situation.

I sketched it out and forgot to take a picture of the sketch, before I started painting.
Coming into focus
Patrick is finished, he needs to be cut out.
Patrick hanging in the window

I hope this puts a smile on my neighbor’s faces when they walk by the house. I know my kids were both impressed by my Patrick drawing skills. I forgot they were both very little when I used to do stuff like this. I am trying to figure out what else I can do, I am sure I will have lots of ideas from the kiddos.

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