Social Distancing…

We have been very good at social distancing. Only one of us goes to the store, we wipe everything down, remove all exterior plastic and boxes. Talk to neighbors across the street, not letting my kids play with others. It has been hard and my kids keep asking when will everything go back to normal? I don’t know is my response.

We have been playing games at night as a family, we even started doing puzzles (one is finished the other is not). The puzzles was an idea to get everyone to help, we have it on a board on top of Wally’s cage which allows us to move it at will.

Dollar Store puzzles – every Christmas the kids each get one. We have quite a collection. There are two puzzles in the box, we had to separate them.
Finally separated!

I also started gardening again. I decided mostly containers this year for the vegetables because come June I am not going to want to pull weeds and water everything. It also made me want to go to the store and get a tomato plant, a pepper plant, a zucchini and more dirt. Since these are not essential, I didn’t go.

Peas, beans, beets and cucumber (with the tomato cage). I am hoping for a very good hall for peas and beans.

Last Christmas I was given a Bob Ross Chia Pet. It was fun, it didn’t work great but it was fun and I wanted to turn it into a planter. I took out my Dremel tool and made the whole bigger (made a huge mess but so worth it). I finally got around to planting something into the planter yesterday.

The Bob Ross Chia Pet with the succulent
The top of the Chia Pet

I guess we have found a new normal with social distancing. I hope we don’t get too bored with one another. Considering everything we have been doing really well. Hoping we can all go back to a semi-normal real soon.

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