I Miss People…

My daughter said it best this morning when I asked if they wanted to go pick up lunch at the bus stop. “Yes! I miss people.” When it is said like that, so do I. During any given day I speak to 20-100 people a day, depending on how busy we are. I miss people, my dogs have enjoyed this whole social distancing. Most humans are social beings and need to be around people. My introvert daughter acknowledged this fact this morning. They go to the library at least three times a week, she misses her school friends, she misses the normal every day interactions.

Her perspective of I miss people definitely made me realize how much we interact with others (even the introverts). The hubs went to the store (alone) today, Booga was very disappointed because he is the hubs shopping buddy. We also found out no school until April 24th. The next couple of weeks my hair might be a little more gray than the beginning of this. I want to point out having short hair during a pandemic is not pretty.

I was going a little stir crazy this morning, a beautiful spring day, I decided to take both dogs for a walk. First I took Wally, he did really good, we walked the part of the trail (he wasn’t a fan), and part of the of the neighborhood. When we were 150ft. from the house and he saw another dog, the person walking a little black dog was like he is friendly, he can come over. Wally is going insane, I have practically tackled him, so he didn’t rip that little dog to shreds. We had an incident with a little black dog a couple years ago (not the same, they moved), who attacked him while he was on the leash. Everything changed from that moment, we stopped walking him because we couldn’t control him. He knocked my daughter down one day and lunged at another dog on a leash. We stopped with the walks after that. He was really good up until that moment.

I then decided to take Reeva for a walk. Reeva is very good on the leash and knows where she wants to go. Today I was trying to get her on a shorter route, she was having none of it. We took the long route. I realized there would be no way she could make it home. I called the hubs and he came to her (our) rescue. I walked over 6.5 miles today and then did a full arms workout. My back (sciatica) still hurts like hell but I was able to walk unlike yesterday.

Going strong
Nope, I am not walking any more and I know you can’t carry me.

Still no word on my unemployment, I guess I will try again on Monday. This is going to be a long April. Here is hoping everyone washes their hands!

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