Grandma’s Zoom Meeting

I thought long and hard about the title for this post, I mean Funeral Zoom (sounded a little depressing) was what it was named, then I thought why not title it a Zoom Meeting because I have a tendency to go off on tangents (like most Zoom Meetings). I am sitting here typing waiting for a funeral via Zoom. My grandmother’s funeral, as I mentioned in a previous post I was not making the trek home for it. I Facetimed with my mom who was at the funeral home. I got to see the setup and my grandma. She didn’t look bad considering how sick she really was. I do think they over did it on the foundation but she had been on ice for 10 days, so she looked good. Strange to see her with no glasses but she looked good, considering how thin she was. I also talked with one of my neighbors who I hadn’t seen in forever, Ms. Theresa, I introduced her to the kids and we chatted for a little while. It was nice, I do feel I am missing a lot. I wish they had set the Zoom meeting up the whole time opposed to just the funeral part, so I could have chatted with people. I mean I can’t expect my family to Facetime with me just so I can see who was there.

Instead I am laying back on my bed, sipping Rose waiting for my grandma’s funeral to start. We made my great-grandmother’s sloppy joe recipe today to celebrate. I also repainted/touched up 1/2 the living room, getting that all ready for the new floor tomorrow. Yesterday, I scrapbooked a lot, I created 30 new pages. I finally finished our trip to Michigan from 2012. I now need to go through other pictures and start on those.

Back to the Zoom funeral – it was sideways, they were having computer issues so I missed the first couple of minutes. I thought it was so funny, I took screenshots for myself. I mean really how many times am I going to be able to say I watched a funeral, sideways via Zoom. My family does do the death photos, let me rephrase that, my grandma took death photos. It leads to closure, now my grandma stepped it up by put them in a photo album and like did an early version of scrapbooking. As a kid you would be looking through photo albums, happy pictures then, boom some person in a casket. I really never knew how weird this was until I was in college. I did not sip my Rose during the Zoom funeral, I thought that would be a little tacky. It was very short, the shortest Catholic Funeral Mass ever, if it was 15 minutes that was long. It was something she would have approved of. I can honestly say it was like watching a movie or a TV show only you know all the people. I do think when everything will finally hit me, is when I receive a box of her things. I mean I have cried and grieved but living so far away, I haven’t experienced the empty house as my family has. As I sit here and type, thinking it is finally over the funeral is done, they are making people take Cherish Teddies at the funeral home. If you came to the funeral you better take a damn bear (it wasn’t the sign – it was much nicer). Why a bear? My grandma had tons of them, not to mention dolls. My grandma had over 10,000 dolls in her house, I can’t even imagine what we are going to do with all of them. So yep you are going to take a damn bear or doll. Don’t speak you collect something in front of my family right now, you will leave my grandma’s house with that item (and then some).

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