To Mask or Not To Mask

I personally have been dawning my mask since May, any time I leave the house or head to work. I have been called horrendous names and told I was going to get pneumonia for wearing one (true interaction) the guy then said he was not a doctor (no, I am shocked – eye roll). I am required to wear a mask, which I am okay with and really can not comprehend the backlash I am seeing about masks. I live in a state that opened way before we should have and now the governor is back peddling, trying to encourage masks. He has already stated he is not shutting down our economy, not making masks mandatory and encourages people to use masks though. Our mayor, enacted a mandatory mask policy within the City of Savannah. There is no clear enforcement on this and much confusion. People are snapping pictures of companies not making their patrons comply. Why should it be the tour companies responsibility to police this? They are adults, let them do it. If they feel this is a hoax, let them lick every surface in the city. I make sure and tell every guest who stops at my desk that mask are mandatory within the Savannah City Limits. Most are okay with that, I have only had a couple people who were like what will happen if I don’t? My response, if a police officer sees you, they will offer you a mask if you refuse it is a $500 fine. I have no idea if it being enforced, however I know revenue is down so the city is hard up for some cash right now.

I have stated the people who are traveling have not been wearing masks, the mask people are staying home. Savannah had started to see an increase in tourism as well as COVID-19 cases and people were starting to talk we are through the thick of this pandemic, even though that is not the case. The pandemic is gotten worse and we Americans have pandemic fatigue. People started to travel and 85% of the people I came into contact with did not have masks. The mayor put his mask order in and there have been massive cancellations. Everyone is asking why? I am like well they have to wear a mask that is why. It is the Mud Gum conversation all over again, people can’t understand why this is the way of it and I am like really?!?!?

I personally think wearing a mask shows you care about your fellow humans. I don’t understand how this has become a political matter and I find it humorous that governors who opened their states way too early are now ordering masks (Texas). I also don’t think if a mask thing would go to court it would be struck down. In the Preamble of the Constitution states to promote the general welfare. Doesn’t wearing a mask promote the general welfare?

I am not sure when this will end or if the new normal involves, masks and no hugs (which makes me so sad). I also don’t know what is going to happen to the industry I love, people are not traveling like they did back in early March and places are closing for good. It is scary, what if the government doesn’t increase the unemployment benefits through the end of the year? What then? So many people will be destitute by this, I can’t even think of the homelessness, the people looking for jobs, the shuttered businesses, it all give me great anxiety to know a lot of this could have been prevented had we had a government that acted in late January, made decisions by scientists and doctors, opposed to political figures who don’t have a clue.

I am begging you if you want the economy to stay open, please wear a mask. I am not a doctor, however it gives me comfort knowing you care about me by having one on. I wear one to keep you safe, please wear one to keep me safe and if you don’t wear one don’t sneeze around me. Wash your hands, social distance and keep your mask on!

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