Hindsight is 20/20

Taking from the realm of the the internet (Google)

I saw this Tweet this weekend shortly after the passing of RBG and was gobbedsmacked – OMG YES! (I do have a fun project to share at the end.)

Of course I was shocked and saddened by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I personally equated it to losing a third grandma this year. I did not know her personally, I do know she fought like hell for me and those like me. I also find it not surprising that almost every GOP Senator has decided to support this, so this post is going to be a history lesson for those who are unaware of what is going on and for those who say stick to arts & crafts – there is a craft at the end and this is too important to keep quiet any longer.

The Republicans have been systematically replacing judges with Conservative judges for 40 years. 45 has replaced more judges than any President in recent history. The death of RBG is the epitome of what Republicans have been striving for for 40 years. It all comes down to the reversal of Roe V Wade. They don’t care about helping people, if they did they would have passed more COVID relief, especially for those essential workers and the hospitality industry (which has taken a huge hit because of COVID – trust me I am working a front desk for the first time in 15 years and it is exhausting). Instead they have a chance to dismantle the ACA and other ideas we have fought so hard for (good-bye pre-existing conditions, equal pay, voting rights, LGBTQ rights, Roe V Wade and birth control).

I never thought the GOP would play fair and would follow the rules they made up in 2016 or to honor a woman’s dying wish. Instead they insist these are different circumstances and mock her dying wish by saying it is pathetic. I want Democrats to grow spines and actually stand up to faces the bullies. The days of back room deals or deals involving cards, scotch and cigars are over. The days of Tip O’Neill having drinks with the opposing party’s President are over. There is no more room or time for Kumbaya, it is time to fight just like they do. If it means a second impeachment then do it! If it means impeaching the Attorney General do it! If it means shutting the whole Government down DO IT! Stop sitting back complaining they aren’t playing fair because guess what they are never going to play fair, throw everything at this to stop it! If it does happen and they ham through a Justice STACK THE COURT and make Merrick Garland the first Justice.

President Taft stated, “Politics makes me sick.” It does on so many levels and we normal people feel there is nothing that can be done. There is, VOTE! If you are sick of this crap, the fear-mongering, the lies (so many lies), the hate, driving the economy off a cliff, the environment (hello wild fires in California and hurricanes of epic proportions) then VOTE. We must vote for a President who is President to all, not just the states that voted for him. We must vote in such large numbers no one can even claim the election is fixed. Remember the Electoral College decides the President not the popular vote, meaning those swing states are critical to changing this. Become a poll worker, be a poll watcher, knock on doors, encourage people to vote. So much lays in the balance especially Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, not to mention everything above. The world is watching, they are laughing at us and are frightened we will create the next dictatorship.

What am I doing to help? We have donated to political campaigns (something we have never done), I applied to be a poll worker and if that falls through I will be a poll watcher. We are not sitting this one out because it is so important.

Now for my craft as promised.

I really wanted new pair of earrings to show my support and love of RBG.

I had these from a pair of earrings that I broke. I immediately saw RBG’s lace collar.
I painted some cardboard black, painted the red things white with paint (just acrylic because I didn’t have enamel), added some extra dots, glued everything to the cardboard.
Added the freshwater pearls to the top and placed Crystal Lacquer over everything to protect the paint. I let it dry for several hours then cut them out. I added earring backs with Arlene’s Jewel-It and let it completely dry overnight.
My RBG earrings, I wore them to work and several people with MAGA hats and masks told me they were beautiful, asked where I got them. They were shocked when I said I made them, one lady wanted me to make her a pair. I told her I only had this one broken pair of earrings. After she left I giggled because of the true meaning of them.

If you got nothing else out of this post – please vote, our country needs us more than ever.

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