Back to My Roots…

I have never shared this story because my Grandma Helen swore me to secrecy. My granny (which is what we called her) passed last year, so I think I am in the clear now of granny’s wrath (I will let you know if she haunts me). My granny bought my booze when I was in high school. I would always tell her get me whatever, she bought me the cheapest scotch imaginable (seriously, it was paint thinner – I think she was trying to drive me away from drinking). I would hide in in the bottom of my paint cabinet (I don’t think my parents ever found it). This stuff was one step above moonshine, it would put some hair on your chest. I never told a soul, I would sit with my plastic Tupperware orange cup, drink cheap scotch (if you can call it that), listen to Tupac and paint big. Tonight was the first night in 25 years I have done this. With tears in my eyes, I can tell you I have not had this much fun painting in a long time. However, my scotch is much higher quality. It also is bitter sweet because I miss both my grandmas so damn much. Fun fact: during the writing of this blog post “Good Riddance” my favorite song (the Green Day Version) played by Glen Campbell (someone granny played often) on Spotify – I think she approves – lol.

Here is to, my two favorite guardian angels – cheers!

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