A Long Way to Go…

I have been exercising 5 days a week since December. I have always stated how much I hate exercising, this time is no different. This time is different, my body is starting to crave exercising. I actually did an hour long Jillian Michaels (No More Trouble Zones) workout, it was hard, really hard, but I didn’t die. I didn’t take measurements or weigh myself before I started this because it doesn’t motivate me like a normal person. What I do know is my pants fit better and I have the beginning of a 6 pack. Yesterday, I was going to do a quick workout (like 10 minutes) instead I did a 30 minute workout, it was like my body was saying no you’re not done yet. Today I followed my workout but eating a box of Whoppers, moderation I guess.

Why, why do this? Well I am trying to keep myself as healthy as possible. I work with the public, the public is gross and there is a global pandemic. People don’t wear masks and want to touch you. Nobody should be touching me, it is a global pandemic. I also know I have probably been exposed on more than one occasion to COVID and that makes you think about the what if’s. What if I am healthier, what if I exercised more, the what if’s could go on and on. The other reason is I have been doing research on prevention of Parkinson’s. It runs in my family my grandfather had it and my mom was recently diagnosed with it. I have been slowly increasing my vitamins with COVID, I figured it couldn’t hurt. I feel the same about the vitamins I am taking to maybe prevent Parkinson’s. I mean the chances of me getting ill because of milk thistle is slim (I am not even sure what it is supposed to do)

I am giving blood tomorrow so I made sure to work out every day this week so far. I plan on giving myself Thursday and Friday off, so my arm can recover. The thought of planks with a sore arm does not sound like a good idea.

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