What a year…

This time last year, I had my dream job and was gearing up for the biggest party of the year in Savannah, St. Patrick’s Day. Today one year ago exactly, the wheels fell off and everything was canceled. This day last year, everything was canceled, we all were in shock and the mood was grim. I knew it was only a matter of time before I would be unemployed. It was nine days later, it was surreal to be in hospitality because every phone call was a cancellation. Then there was no toilet paper anywhere, seriously toilet paper and soap, WTF! You weren’t washing your hands and us g toilet paper before this happened?

I had some much deserved time off, redid the living room and started painting again. I threw my back out and was not able to do anything for three weeks. Thankfully the chiropractor opened so I could finally start walking again. I went back to work part time for a trolley company, until I got the call to go back to the DeSoto part time. I was then offered a full time work (three days front desk, two days Sotherly Host). I took it because I wanted to show them I can do the operation aspect and I understand it fully. I choose to be at the concierge desk. I admit I am miserable, the days I work the front desk (Sundays have become my least favorite day of the week).

I also started exercising to prevent me from murdering people (FitFusion is awesome- I do not get paid or commissions to say that). I am probably the healthiest I have been since my Pilates days. It is funny how everyone is obsessed with weight, I have gained four pounds since starting all of this, but I have lost inches in my waist and arms (I have muscles in my arms). Was it disappointing not losing weight? Yes, I have been busting my ass, only to gain four pounds. Then I stopped myself, do I feel better? Yes. Am I sleeping better? Yes. Do I have definition in my arms and arms? Yes, swimsuit weather, here I come. I have never been comfortable in my skin, until now. I am not a size 4, I will never be a size 4 or an 8. I am happy with what I am doing, could I do more? Yes, do I want to? Not really, 5 days is enough. If I don’t do 5 I don’t beat myself up, my goal is 3 anything else is gravy.

Tomorrow begins the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. There is no parade, the official festivities have been canceled. However, if today is the judge on how this weekend will be it is going to be off the chain. The bell carts of liquor, the people saying we got vaccinated and we haven’t been able to party in a year. It is going to be quite frankly a disaster because the rooms will be trashed and every one will be hungover. It will be like the before times, no wristbands, no restrictions. I hope I am wrong but my gut is telling me I am 100% correct on this. In that case you put your green on, make the best of it, try to have fun and keep a mask on.

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