John, We Will Miss You…

After a very long, stressful weekend, (some day I will share) I decided to take a break from Social Media for the day. Tuesday morning, I received a text from a friend stating John Davis had passed. I was shocked, I spoke to John on Saturday. She sent me the article. I couldn’t believe it, in fact I am still in shock.

John was my go to florist, he was one of the funniest, nicest guys I ever met. He would answer the phone after hours and made several miracles happen for me over the years. If I needed something last minute or on a Sunday, I would call John (and give him a sob story). He was always gracious, I would say I owe you big time. He would reply with a you have owed me for years. We would always laugh about it. Saturday was no different, I had a guest who needed flowers late afternoon on a Saturday. I called John and he made it happen and they were beautiful, as always.

I received flowers from my parents for my birthday. My mom said the only florist she remembered me talking about was John. A beautiful arrangement arrived with the note in John’s handwriting from my parents. He also threw in an extra happy birthday note. I will treasure those forever.

Being a concierge you develop relationships over the years. John was one of the most cherished relationships I was lucky enough to acquired over the years. I still have two indoor plants I received from a friend and John when I went to The Alida. Last night I replanted the peace lily, this morning the lily looked amazing. I think John would be proud of me that I hadn’t killed it after all these years.

Me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday a couple years ago.

Rest easy John, I plan on buying more flowers in your honor.

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