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“Vintage” LEGO Building

I personally balk at the “vintage” part, however Booga said, “I can’t do vintage LEGO builds (after looking at the instructions).” The set I was looking at was 6393 – The Big Rig Truck Stop, I built this so many times in my childhood it wasn’t even funny. This was my brother’s favorite LEGO set. … Continue reading

March the longest month ever…

The first two weeks of March flew by as they usually do. The last two weeks have been about 2,000 days long. I guess that is what happens when you have to stay in one place and are not supposed to go anywhere. People panic buying toilet paper, water, and every milk, chicken, eggs and … Continue reading

A New Normal…

My dogs are loving this social isolation, all four of us home for days on end, a dog’s dream. Today officially begins our homeschooling adventure. Spring Break was last week so we have not pressured the kids to tackle anything. The limiting of video games and YouTube will be interesting. I wouldn’t mind YouTube if … Continue reading