A New Normal…

My dogs are loving this social isolation, all four of us home for days on end, a dog’s dream. Today officially begins our homeschooling adventure. Spring Break was last week so we have not pressured the kids to tackle anything. The limiting of video games and YouTube will be interesting. I wouldn’t mind YouTube if they were watching educational videos, I know that is not happening. I want to say teachers are awesome and I have no idea how you do it. This morning started with watching the morning announcements from the Middle School (I need to find a flag so we can say the pledge. Afterwards she started right to work, Booga decided to wait for dad on his math homework. I am glad my husband is here because math would be very difficult if he wasn’t. The hubs had a conference call so my job is to keep everything quiet (the dogs).

I have been painting, I am trying to finish old paintings before I start anything else. I finished one, the other two are at 50%. I also started gardening, mostly flowers, I plan to start some beans and peas. Not sure how well they will do in the pots. I started exercising primarily because I need to fit into my clothes after this is all over. I have it in me to be the biggest slug ever and I need to exercise.

I want to clean and organize everything, however everything is closed so you can’t drop anything off. I also would love to paint the kitchen, I still have no idea what color I want it. So many things I would love to do but I am not because the thought of tearing a house apart for any amount of time doesn’t seem fun. I don’t want to make the hubs mad because I can’t hide anything while he is at work. I am notorious for starting a project at 8am and then finishing it up at 3:03pm so I can hurry up and clean it up before he gets home (yes I have a timer set for 3:03pm).

I am not sure what I want, well I want everything to go back to how it was a week ago. No hoarding meats, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, soap, milk and bleach. Did people not wash their hands before this. I guess I am going to try to adjust to this new normal. I think once this is all over we will have a very clean house and two very sad dogs.

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