“Vintage” LEGO Building

I personally balk at the “vintage” part, however Booga said, “I can’t do vintage LEGO builds (after looking at the instructions).” The set I was looking at was 6393 – The Big Rig Truck Stop, I built this so many times in my childhood it wasn’t even funny. This was my brother’s favorite LEGO set. I found the instructions at https://letsbuilditagain.com/instructions/6393/. I was really excited I decided to send my brother a screenshot of the directions.

Our conversation (I also sent him a follow up, completed picture).

I am not sure why I felt the need to build this today. I wanted to see if I could with all my sons current LEGOs. I decided to try it, it was a little slow going (I needed to find a lot of single blue pieces). My son’s LEGOs are organized by color (yes I am that OCD) so it was a little easier.

The colors aren’t exact and the pieces aren’t either but they are pretty close

There are some pieces that they don’t make anymore. For example the little black telephone, Booga was like they don’t make those anymore – here is the cell phone. I found two black pieces that would work. There were a couple others as well (the gas pump was the other one).

The windows were tricky because the modern ones are a brick taller.
Somewhere there is a white flag – I saw it, however I cannot find it
Note the black telephone.

Booga wants me to continue with the semi trucks (not sure if we have those pieces). It is funny the set is very simplistic compared to what is offered today, however much harder because of the instructions. It is really crazy, Booga can build huge sets by himself. He took one look at this and was like nope. It took me a couple hours to build it, most of that was finding pieces. It was really fun and I will post pictures if I decide to build the semi.

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