March the longest month ever…

The first two weeks of March flew by as they usually do. The last two weeks have been about 2,000 days long. I guess that is what happens when you have to stay in one place and are not supposed to go anywhere. People panic buying toilet paper, water, and every milk, chicken, eggs and meat on the shelf. I don’t understand that and probably never will.

How productive have I been? I am almost caught up on all my Podcasts, I have watched the complete Baseball documentary by Ken Burns (including the Tenth Inning), listened to The Great Gatsby, cleaned my kitchen, planted a ton of plants, finished a painting and a puzzle. Not to mention family game nights (no one wants to play Yahtzee with me). We have also done some home economics, we made some mighty tasty cookies and working on cursive writing. I have also been exercising despite my piriformis muscle acting up.

It makes me wonder what April will be like, will it feel as long as the last two weeks of March? Will I lose my mind with Booga over homework? Will my hair be really, really gray after this is over? Will my plants actually grow? What places in Savannah won’t reopen? How long will I be unemployed? Did I process my unemployment correctly? Did my scan to fax actually work? So many questions, I have and I suppose it is normal to have this many questions with the uncertainty that is out there.

I am hoping for the best, trying to get stuff done, cleaning mostly. I would love to clean the garage, but I definitely need help with that. For now it will be trying to keep everything in place and try to remember this is difficult for everyone.

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