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Handprint Sun-catchers

Handprint Sun-catchers

I have been trying to get the Booga involved a little more in my art and my crafting stuff.  The princess was all about creating art, coloring in coloring books and playing with chalk when she was his age.  Booga still eats chalk and crayons so it makes creating stuff with him extremely difficult.  I … Continue reading

Mobile for Baby

The mobile hanging in my living room – it has never made it to his bedroom As I have gone through past items I have made and taken photos of I decided to write up a blog entry.  When I was pregnant with Vincent the one thing I wanted was a black and white mobile.  … Continue reading

Children’s Treasures

So I had this idea this morning when I was in the garage working on a metal brooch. For Mother’s Day I had Jillian make a pendant out of clay for both grandmas. Well I decided to take it and create the pendant out of silver and attach it to a personalized pendant that says … Continue reading

My Mother’s Day Idea…

Well I finally figured out how to complete my Mother’s Day Project (YAY – Me!) I wanted to do something with the silver clay I have because it is just sitting there mocking me (Naaaa-Naaaa-Boo-Boo, you get artist block every time you think of me.) So I am going to make a fingerprint necklace and … Continue reading

Christmas Gifts for Babies

Baby’s first Christmas is always a memorable event but what do you get someone so small? This year I decided to make “Soft Puzzle Blocks.” I wish I could say this idea was all mine but with most ideas you see them somewhere and are like I could so do that! (This was one of … Continue reading