The Allergy Fog…

Well this week has been highly unproductive! I have had 2 sick kids and I have also been under the allergy fog, making for an unproductive week in all aspects of my life (cleaning, cooking, crafting, etc.) Savannah is having a record breaking allergy season and I knew it would only be a matter of time before it struck me. It finally struck me on Monday, I decided to declare war by using the Netti Pot, drinking tea with honey and Apple Cider Vinegar, taking Fish Oil, eating chicken noodle soup, more tea and Netti Pot. It seemed to have worked finally I can once again talk normally, I think one or two more days I will be as good as new!

I did start a couple of things last night – I am Photoshopping some photos for a friend and I am working on Mother’s Day Gifts for grandmas. I can’t really go into detail on the gifts because both grandmas read the blog. I have gotten a couple of ideas for some future projects but nothing planned yet. It is amazing the ideas you get when you can’t even lift your head off the pillow. I did take photos of Vincent a couple days ago, my baby turned 7 months (crazy!) I am hoping to get some more items on the Etsy Store soon (before Mother’s Day) but it all depends on how the family feels. Not a very exciting week when it comes to crafting but this weekend we are building a Fairy House at Oatland Island! I will remember the camera this time!

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