Mobile for Baby

The mobile hanging in my living room – it has never made it to his bedroom

As I have gone through past items I have made and taken photos of I decided to write up a blog entry.  When I was pregnant with Vincent the one thing I wanted was a black and white mobile.  I was having no such luck finding what I wanted.  I then decided to make my own out of black and white Super Sculpey, I was also on bed rest so I needed something to do.  I also wanted his initals on the mobile VXM, I used ABC cookie cutters to create them the V = I did squares similar to the triangle  X = I did lines like the circle and M = I did circles like the mirror.


The letter part of the mobile
The underside of the mobile that the baby will see.

  The top part of the mobile that no one will see.

Things that I learned making this project:  I originally had used 3 hangers and Duct Tape instead of the embroidery hoop – DO NOT DO THIS!!!!  There is not enough Duct Tape in the world to make it look good.  Go to the store and buy some embroidery hoops it will save you a lot of time and energy.  I wish I would have used wood opposed to the clay – I sealed it with a plain old acrylic sealer and  the sealers don’t work well on polymer clay (it makes them sticky) so it is now sticky, I wish I would have just either bought the correct sealer or used wood.  All in all I am pretty please with the design too bad he never really used it.

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