Cardboard Doll Furniture…

Cardboard Doll FurnitureThis morning I thought I would recap one of my crazy ideas from last year making cardboard doll furniture.  I had this idea after my daughter’s high chair, stroller, and crib were recalled for lead contamination.  I did some research on how to make cardboard furniture and how I wished I knew French.  I found some amazing pieces but most of the How-To(s) were all in French.  I did find some great references in English one was from Instructables and the other was from Curbly, but I was still on my own for design and I really didn’t know if it would work.  I then found a website called Just Build Stuff and found wonderful CAD Drawings of a High Chair.
I then started constructing that high chair out of cardboard, hot glue, and duct tape.

  Please keep in mind I was pregnant when I constructed this so photos were not on the top of my list.
I then decided to make an Eco-Friendly paper mache covering out of flour and water (recipe to follow.)  I then cut up a ton of strips of brown paper bag and got to work.
I then painted the chair white an Eco-Friendly Primer and it is still white and still standing to this day!  It has outlasted a crib and a bouncy seat for her dolls. 
Here is the crib I made for her.  It has a drawer for doll clothes but still isn’t finished.  I went on bed rest before I had a chance to finish it.
 We use it unfinished – baby Mary loves her crib.
The crib is extremely sturdy and the drawer works great for storing doll clothes.  It also with stood a kitty (before we had to get rid of our kitty.)
Flour Paper Mache Recipe:
1 cup flour
5 cup water
*8-10 drops of Lavender Oil
*1 tsp of Salt
Bring 4 cups of  water to a boil.  Mix remaining cup of water with flour.  Add flour mixture a little at a time, until mixture is gone.  Once flour is completly added stir and let boil for 2-3 minutes.  Mixture should not be lumpy and should be the consistency of glue.  Use immediately or store for up to a week in the refrigerator.

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