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Mind Wandering Wednesday….

   So this week has been a rough week, I have been screamed at by three different people (tourists) for a tourist’s own ignorance.  Booga has decided that laughing at mommy when she disciplines her is a good thing.  We also have committed the cardinal sin and ran out of cheese (I now get to … Continue reading

Desk Organzier Made Out of Cardboard

Desk Organzier Made Out of Cardboard

Well I had planned on typing this post this weekend but I find my self typing it on a Monday morning sipping my coffee.  I am once again taking the Come 2 Chat Challenge, this weeks challenge is Cardboard Classic.  You take any type of cardboard (cereal box, old shipping box, etc.) and reuse it … Continue reading

Mummy Eyeball Wreath Tutorial

Here it is the Eyeball Wreath now cleverly named the Mummy Eyeball Wreath because my ideas seem to morph into something new.  The original idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while I had recently found an old sketchbook with a bunch of doodles, one was for an eyeball wreath.  My original … Continue reading

Pumpkin – Paper Clay

Okay I must admit I think I am addicted to this stuff.  I am have a blast working with it, I just need to get some real armature stuff.  I have so many ideas, I am doing basic Halloween stuff but can’t wait to work on Christmas I might actually try and submit something to … Continue reading

Homemade Paper Clay – FINALLY!

Here it is my results of homemade paper clay.  So I am going to type everything out then my modifications and my reactions to it (it will be a long post). I took Jonnie’s Paper Mache Clay Recipe, I knew going into it I was going to make the following modifications: instead of flour I … Continue reading

Cardboard Doll Furniture…

Cardboard Doll Furniture…

This morning I thought I would recap one of my crazy ideas from last year making cardboard doll furniture.  I had this idea after my daughter’s high chair, stroller, and crib were recalled for lead contamination.  I did some research on how to make cardboard furniture and how I wished I knew French.  I found … Continue reading