The Hive – An Artistic Community

I joined an artistic crafting community last week called The Creative Hive.  I am loving it because I can see other artists and see their thought process.  It also makes me look at myself, I then realize what I lack, time and discipline.  I discovered years ago I could never make it as a professional artist because when I don’t want to work in a medium, I really don’t want to work in a medium.  My brain shuts down, no matter how hard I try my brain will not allow me to produce anything usable (in my mind), I get frustrated and stop.  I had the same problem when I was in school but I was always able to make it work some how.  I never turned in any project late or unfinished.  If I have a deadline set by someone else I can finish it no problem.  If I do a deadline my brain rebels, it has other ideas and I go to war with myself. 

So here is a snap shot into my mind (WARNING – My mind is a scary place so BEWARE of flying paintings, ideas and whatever else I can throw in here.)

My left and right brains hate each other.  My right brain is so carefree and can start 15 paintings, 2 pen and inks, 1 key ring, 4 boxes and keep up a blog.  My left brain is trying to run the marathon and needs to be carried at the 1/4 of a mile.  My left brain tells me that if I do this, this, and this then I can paint or draw.  My right brain is like we can fit that (cleaning, eating, and sleeping) in later – LET’S PAINT/DRAW/ETC.  I have always been like this.  My left and right brains are sort of like the tortoise and the hare.  The left brain takes it slow and steady and my right brain takes off with the next idea.  A prime example is June.  In June I painted 15 paintings, 3 pen and inks, and created some metal work pieces – all in the span of 13 days.  I haven’t painted since – my left brain is still asleep from that painting marathon.  Since then I made one key ring for a client, a brochure (which is officially at the printers) and have been blogging constantly. 

I am starting to get the itch to paint again, after seeing some of the works on The Hive.  Inspired by the amount of talent, I am a little apprehensive about really creating and entering any of the contest.  I have always been like this.  I am not a spotlight person (my husband didn’t know half the accolades I have won until a couple years ago) – I would gladly give it to the next person but I want respect.  I want, no I crave respect.  I admire people who give criticism, what I can’t stand is someone saying, “I don’t like that.”  I ask, “Why?”  and they can’t give me a good answer or input on how I can make it better.  I always tell people I can take whatever you can dish, you have never met my grandmother.  I have only ever produced 1 picture my grandmother could say anything about and that was this pen and ink drawing:

The Sea Turtle – Pen and Ink – 5″x7″

Talking about the mess that is my mind, I got way off topic.  I started talking about a great artistic resource and start talking about my insecurities as an artist.  The word artist makes me insecure.  Have I sold an item or items for money, yes, I have but does that one point make me an artist?  I Googled it and good old Wikipedia defines it as:

Wiktionary defines the noun ‘artist’ (Singular: artist; Plural: artists) as follows:

  1. A person who creates art.
  2. A person who creates art as an occupation.
  3. A person who is skilled at some activity.

So yes, I am considered an artist according to Wikipedia.  I create art, I sell art (on my Etsy Store), and I have been told time and time again I have a skill.  I guess I am grateful, I found such a wonderful community of people and artists.  I will eventually come up with something for the Contest it might be at the last minute… my brain likes to be pressured.  Maybe some day my brain will work well with each other.

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