Countdown to Halloween – Bates Style – Idea Stage

I love, love, love, love, love Halloween! It is my favorite holiday. Why is it my favorite there are several reasons (in no particular order): you get to dress in black and look cool, glow in the dark paint is readily available (this stuff is a rare find outside of Halloween), you can find black food coloring (another rarity), you can be anyone you want, chalk lines and Crime Scene Tape is really cool (note to self – do not use white paint it does not come off cement), not cutting your lawn or dusting is cool, and no family member has died on Halloween (I have had a relative die on every major holiday, it is the only one I have left).

Halloween is amazing time of year.  I love pumpkin carving – I really love pumpkin carving, that will be a future post.  I also really love to decorate.  The one thing I want to make is a countdown to Halloween thing but I want it to look like The Bates House from Psycho.  I found a wonderful website that does paper crafts but my computer will not allow me to open any of the PDFs.  I don’t want to build the paper model I just want to look at it so I can build my house out of chip board (I also need to enlarge it).

The Plan:

31 openings – I’m not sure if the opening will be deep enough to put anything in or if it will just be for show.  I’m thinking a mixture of the two.  I have quite a bit of work ahead of me but I am really excited to get started. 

I hope to have the majority of it cut out and built by the weekend.  I am really looking forward to the detail part of it (i.e. painting) it has been years since I have created models or built a doll house.  I am really looking forward to this latest crazy endeavor.  The difference this time is I know I am crazy going into it, so I am embracing it!

Expect to see updates the Countdown to Halloween in the coming days.

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