Things I need to do…

As I sit here this morning trying to plan my day with my son on my lap (he is trying to “help” me type), I think of everything I NEED to do.
So here is my list in no particular order:
– Finish the Bates Countdown House

Bates House 25% done

– Finish the FAIL Curtains for my son’s bedroom
– Paint my son’s bedroom (prefer with no help from the little man himself)
– Finish Thank You Cards from the Birthday party (they are 40% done – my son keeps eating the cards I make, I have lost 4 cards to him)
– Do the Random Acts of Kindness Cards (My daughter and I are going to make these when she gets home from school today – I see glitter in my future).
– Work on items for my Etsy Store (my store is looking pretty bare)
– I also need to work on my Autumn Theme Entry for The Hive (I have no idea what that will be, maybe I could enter the Bates House once that is finished).
– Format the portfolio page for my blog (ugh!)
– Try to convince my husband to write tomorrow’s blog entry (wish me luck)
That is pretty much it.  I will be happy if I get one of those items done today (I’m aiming for the cards – ALL cards!).  I hope to have more fun pictures of card making and Bates Countdown House later today or tomorrow (uploading photos with a Booga is quite difficult, he likes cords – all cords and gadgets).
Happy Thursday Everyone! 

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