All I could think of was the scene in Fried Green Tomatoes – “It’s hog boiling time…”  (sometimes I crack myself up).  Anyways – WELCOME TO MY BLOG!  Look around (check out my Etsy Store), stay for a while, come back and visit again (I love visitors and comments).  Hope everyone has a great weekend (I will be painting my son’s room – I would prefer with NO help from munchkins).  I also hope to finish those FAIL curtains!

THANK YOU TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS!  I am inspired to make my blog better everyday because of all of you! 


I also hope to get some cards done (thank you cards – it would work better if my son would quit eating them) and a random acts of kindness card (I plan on drawing one up tonight).  I also have been working on a project for a friend, so I am not sure how much I will get done tonight.

All in all I am thrilled it is Friday (Thursday night) so I can spend a nice relaxing weekend with the family (I mean painting a bedroom with help from munchkins).  It will all be good because we have Sam Adams in the fridge!  If you are unaware, painting rooms goes much better with beer (not too much or you will have a mess on your hands) but one during and one to celebrate the finished room (that is going to be one fine beer this weekend!)

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