What to do with a crabby patty?

So all my grandiose plans have been foiled this week by a pint size crabby patty.  He is a little over a year and doesn’t want to do anything except cry (okay, scream).  I was hoping to get my “To-Do” List done but alas I am sitting here trying to comfort my one year old .  I know I should be happy that he is so small and how I will miss this time once it is gone but oh how I wish I could have a minute of silence.  This week has been a trying one because my little man has only wanted to be held all week.  Being that he is 25 pounds I am getting quite a bicep workout but beyond that I need to purchase ear plugs. 

So I want to apologize for the quick posts this week – my son’s molars are making an appearance, so he needs his mommy.  Better luck next week 🙂

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