Thankful Thursdays…

I have had a really rough week my son has been teething and been absolutely miserable.  The video was taken yesterday after listening to this for two hours.  I usually don’t do this take video of my screaming child but I was truly at my wits end yesterday.  My son has gotten into a biting phase and bit my leg (yes, there was blood), then the screaming.  My son screamed so loud and so long my daughter locked herself in her bedroom after telling me to turn off Max and Ruby.  WARNING: the video is 30 seconds of a very mad child so do not play unless you want to hear a screaming child (he is in the Pack and Play because he had just bit me).

I hope that today is better than yesterday because it was a very draining day.  I did make progress on my Random Acts of Kindness card (almost finished) and I built the roof for my Bates House.  I also treated myself to a PJ Party from Cool 2 Craft last night and a nice stiff drink.  I did not work on the owl yesterday because I really wanted to finish my cards.  I did pull out the oil pastels and my son pulled them off my desk and I spent 30 minutes picking up them up off the floor (bright side he did not eat any).

So I thought today I would write about what makes me happy (thankful) because I really need to concentrate on the positive with the week I have had.  I also want to start a weekly post about being Thankful!  So instead of Treading Water on Thursdays I decided to do Thankful Thursdays!  Primarily because life gets so busy and insane that we (myself included) forget about the little things that make us (me) happy.  I will be doing a button for thins and plan on making this a weekly post!

The harvest moon last night.  After the night I had I decided to walk outside and see the moon.  I can’t remember the last time the moon had been that bright in the night sky.  It was beautiful!

My kids (even when they are screaming mimis) I love them and they can shoot me a smile and I melt.

My husband even when I have a horrible day (yesterday) he can still say something that makes me laugh (PARP!)  It reminds me why I love him so.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream – ice cream makes and bad day better but mint chocolate chip ice cream makes me very happy.

My house – even though I have felt like a prisoner some days (thanks Georgia Heat Advisory) I love my house because it is ours and we worked very hard for it!

My neglected garden – you are still producing veggies even though I have completely neglected you in August (sorry but 114 is way to hot for this Yankee!)

My projects – they help keep me sane!

My support system – whether it be family, friends, or complete strangers through an on-line community, thank you!  It helps when I am having a week like this.

I hope everyone shares and keeps thinking positive because it is important to be Thankful for what you have.

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