So yesterday I got my first phone call from the school nurse, my daughter had thrown up on the playground.  I drove to school to get her (I left my son with my husband, who was getting ready for work).  I walked (really, really fast) to the office and stood there absolutely panicked because I realized I have 20 more years of this.  I had no idea where the nurse was or what to do.  The lady in the office could see the deer in the headlight look in my eye and told me it was okay, she will be fine.  I walked out and saw one of the other moms from my daughter’s class and she asked if I was staying for the birthday party (for the teacher).  I told her no and she (my daughter) was sick hopefully nothing big because there is a birthday party tomorrow (for my daughter’s friend) that she had been talking about all week.  The other mom wished me luck and hoped to see us at this party, she also guided me to the nurse’s office.  When my little girl saw me started crying because she thought she did something wrong for throwing up on the playground.  The nurse and I tried to tell her she did nothing wrong.  I then took my sick, sad little girl home.  As we turned onto our street I hear, “I’m going to spit up!”  I pull up onto the neighbor’s lawn and look up just in time to see my daughter throwing up in the backseat.  I told her it was okay and that everyone gets sick, I took my crying child out of the car and move her into the house.  My husband took over, while I went back outside, scrubbed the car and moved it off of the neighbor’s lawn.

A popsilcle, a bath, a Max and Ruby Marathon, and a nap later, she woke up crying with a sore throat.  I took the trusty flash light and shined it in the back of her throat.  I saw pretty little blisters, my heart sank because I knew it was something more serious than a simple cold.  I called the doctor’s office and they told me to give her popsicles, Children Mortin for the pain and call the office in the morning so she could be seen.  She slept well last night and woke up this morning with a fever 101.0 (low but still a fever) and her throat still hurt.  I am trying so hard to think positive but I know it is more and likely Strep Throat.  When we told my daughter that she wouldn’t be able to go to the party, she cried and cried.  My heart broke, I wanted to cry with her.  Her disappointment was almost too much to bear.  She started saying that her throat felt much better and that she wasn’t sick.  My husband and I told her that is why she had to go to the doctors, so we could make sure she wasn’t sick.  I hope and pray it isn’t Strep Throat because, I am that person who if anyone in a 50 mile radius gets Strep, I get it.  I was talking to my mom last night and she was trying to comfort me by saying, “Maybe you are immune?”  She couldn’t get through that statement without laughing.

All I wanted this weekend was my daughter to go to her friend’s birthday party at the park, a nice cold beer and some quiet time for me, so I can finish some projects.  I have had a pretty rough week and I sit here trying to figure out who in the world I pissed off because it has been one thing piled on top of another.

Doug the dog from Disney’s UP

Hopefully, I will get some luck and it won’t be Strep because I could really use a break.  I am also hoping to get some Paperclay I just want to try it (yes my attention span is that of a dog who spots a squirrel).  Since I am out of polymer clay I figured it would be the perfect time to start with a new medium (clay).  Then I can restock the Etsy Store with Christmas ornaments (I have lots of ideas).  One hurdle at a time, the major one this morning is to make sure my daughter doesn’t have Strep, I will keep everyone posted.

UPDATE:  NO STREP – YAY!  Just a virus running the course.  Not birthday party but we are making it up to her with a new Littlest Pet Shop and Brand New Markers!

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