Hand Bats!

I was flipping through the most recent Oriental Trading Catalog and saw the cutest little hand bats.  I thought is would be perfect for the kids (a little messy but still fun!)  It would also give my daughter a chance to practice cutting (THUMBS UP!)

2 Sheets of white paper
Black Finger Paint
Sponge Brush
paper plate
glue stick
*Glitter Glue
*Glow in the Dark Paint
*Googly Eyes

Put black paint onto the paper plate.  Take sponge brush and apply black paint to the child’s hand (one at a time) place child’s hand onto white paper.  Repeat with the other hand.  Take the other sheet of white paper and draw the head and body of the bat.  Allow to dry, cut out and apply to the hand print page with glue stick.  Decorate as desired.

Don’t forget to put the date on the back so you can look back and see how much your child has grown.

Making hand prints

Making the other wing with the little man looking on

Taken right after he decided to lick the paint off his hands

Hand Print Wings – YAY!

Cutting out the head and body

My daughter’s bat – she told me she doesn’t know what else she wants to add.  We need to leave it unfinished for now (just like her mom – lol!)

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