My Sketchbook…

I was reading about the sketchbook/journal/idea books on The Hive yesterday.  It made me think about my sketchbook.  I call it a sketchbook but it is so much more.  I have a very detailed sketchbook/idea book/journal for quite sometime.  It started in college, 50% of my grade was based on my sketchbook I have kept an insanely detailed sketchbook.  I see something in a magazine and rip it out, then cut it very pretty and glue it to a page.  All my notes are done in permanent marker, this started when I had a class and spilled coffee on my sketchbook smearing the ink and changing the page a beautiful brown color.  I usually use blue because I never use blue to draw with, I use black ink.  This is really funny to me because I hate blue ink, not sure why but I would much rather write in black ink. 

About two weeks ago I found practically a brand new sketchbook (it was like Christmas) maybe 30 pages were used.  This sketchbook was my Fabric Dying Sketchbook (a beautiful black bound book) I was amazed on my thought process I wrote everything down (trial and errors – suggestions on what I could do to make it better).  I even had scraps of dyed fabric glued in my book.  I was extremely impressed with myself.  Pictures of the drawings/paintings/etc. notes to myself, what colors I want to do next time, test swatches of paint on fabrics.  I couldn’t believe the time I use to put into my sketchbooks.  Now my detail drawings are stick people with notes or a simple drawing with notes.  I have tons of magazine pictures ripped out and just shoved in the notebook.  I will get around to gluing everything down someday. 

A sketchbook in my opinion is personal there will never be two alike because no two people are alike.  I don’t consider my sketchbook a work of art but more a journey through my thought process on a piece.  For example I found a recipe for paper clay but it works more like frosting opposed to sculpting it.  I have been thinking how can I turn it into a “sculpting” medium.  My sketchbook has two different recipes and I am trying to find ways to “improve” the recipe before I actually start it.  I’m thinking I might have come across a winning combination.  Combining a Cornstarch Clay with the Paper Mache Clay recipe might make it work more like a clay.  Also if I puree the toilet paper before I mix everything together it would make it smoother.  Of course without experimentation I have no idea how it will work.  I am getting 2 – 3lb buckets of joint compound me from my mom!  I am really excited and I really hope my thought process will pay off.  If it doesn’t I will breakdown and drive to Michael’s to get some Creative Paperclay! 

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