My Sketchbook Part 2

Since that last entry just stopped because of the weather (thunder and lightening).  I decided to scan in some pages from my sketchbook. 

A page from my sketchbook from college.

A pencil drawing from college

Idea sketch of the Travel Felt and Dominoes Set

The front of the Mystery Machine Cake.  Note the math of me trying to figure out the area.

The side of The Mystery Machine Cake

My ideas are usually not this organized as the author of this blog I can pick and choose the “good pages” of my sketchbook to show.  Not all of them look like these pages (they look more like the idea page for the Travel Checkers and Dominoes).  There are many, many more scratches, nos, and arrows than what I am showing.  My sketchbook is an insight into my thought process and someday my kids or grand kids might look at these and think I was really crazy – lol!

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