Homemade Paper Clay – FINALLY!

Here it is my results of homemade paper clay.  So I am going to type everything out then my modifications and my reactions to it (it will be a long post).

I took Jonnie’s Paper Mache Clay Recipe, I knew going into it I was going to make the following modifications: instead of flour I used baby powder, I also thought pureeing the toilet paper would help with a smoother texture.

My results (notes from my sketchbook):  a full roll of wet toilet paper in a blender does not blend well.  I added water (1 1/4 cup) to “help” the pureeing process.  Being that I added the water I needed to add more baby powder (1/2 cup).  I also realized it needed something more so I added corn starch (1 cup) to combat the water.  I also ran out of glue (I misread the ingredients I thought it said 1/2 cup not 3/4 of a cup) so I used 1/4 cup of Mod Podge. I used I added an extra 1/2 cup joint compound to the mixture too.  I also want to state for the record DO NOT make if you are in a hurry (i.e. child screaming because he doesn’t want to be in a crib because he thinks a nap is not needed) this process takes time and should not be rushed.

The clay was wetter than what I think it should have been so I put it on some paper towel to absorb some of the extra moisture.  I also pulled out my plaster bat and kneaded 1/2 the clay on the bat.  All in all I think it worked well it turned out better than I had expected for the first batch.

My first batch of clay stuff – not bad

Things I will do differently with the next batch:
I am going to puree the toilet paper dry the put the toilet paper pulp to the mixture (it will also be nicer to my blender).  I was also thinking of wetting the pureed pulp and using one of my paper screens to drain the water out (less time than in the colander).  I think the starch helped the process making it more like clay.  My armatures also need to be better, pipe cleaners do not work well as a support system (I was being lazy) so I think if I make “real” (better armatures) the piece will be better.

I will keep everyone posted on how well they dry and how well they hold paint.

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