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Zentangles… and Finding My Happy Place

I must admit at first I didn’t want to know what Zentangles were or how they were created (I am too damn busy!)  Then I started seeing more posts at The Hive about them and my Facebook Feed looked like a Zentangles advertisement page, so I decided to read about them.  I found claims that … Continue reading

Felt Tent Work In Progress

I ordered my felt for the felt tent from (I hope I ordered enough – I will find out on Tuesday.)  I have been sketching the “plan” for the tent for three weeks and I think I finally have a “Real” plan for it.  So much so I started cutting out the other panels … Continue reading

Who Needs Math? ME!

I want to be up front I hate math but I love numbers because the numbers DO NOT LIE!!!  I have mentioned my “past life” before I was a Reservations/Revenue Manager for top hotel (major chain) in Savannah.  Part of my job was figuring out the “numbers” (ADR, OCC, keeping track of walk-ins, etc – … Continue reading

Homemade Paper Clay – FINALLY!

Here it is my results of homemade paper clay.  So I am going to type everything out then my modifications and my reactions to it (it will be a long post). I took Jonnie’s Paper Mache Clay Recipe, I knew going into it I was going to make the following modifications: instead of flour I … Continue reading

Hmmm…. Homemade Clay (Paper Clay)

So I have been experimenting with different homemade clays because I really want to make paper clay.  I know paper clay is reasonable but the thought of driving to Michael’s makes my head hurt.  I also don’t want to order it because I will be really mad if I don’t like it. So I Googled … Continue reading

The Great Horned Owl Drawing – FINISHED!

I finished it last night during Monday Night Football (before the fourth quarter – 18 penalties, really, Green Bay?!?!)  Anyways here are all the progression photos and the finished product that I entered into the Great Owl Challenge (the last competition I entered was five years ago, sad but true). The base Progress Starting to … Continue reading

My Sketchbook Part 2

Since that last entry just stopped because of the weather (thunder and lightening).  I decided to scan in some pages from my sketchbook.  A page from my sketchbook from college. A pencil drawing from college Idea sketch of the Travel Felt and Dominoes Set The front of the Mystery Machine Cake.  Note the math of … Continue reading