To Do List (More of an idea list)

Since I have a tendency to forget really awesome ideas I have.  I have been carrying a sketchbook (recently it has been everywhere with me) so I can write everything down.  Today I decided to sit and write out some of the things I am working on this weekend or want to do this weekend.
1.  Make Paperclay – I am so excited to work with this I get giddy just thinking about it!
2.  Tie Dye Pumpkin shirts – I have orange dye and white shirt so we are going to tie dye pumpkin shirts this weekend!
3.  Eye ball wreath – Air dry clay and a Dollar Store Wreath!  My daughter is so excited about this project!  Just need to finish the eggs for the carton 🙂
4.  Finish the owl painting (the feathers look like fur so I decided to take a break for a couple of days.
5.  Felt Candy Canes for my Etsy Store.  I got the idea in the shower to make candy canes like I did the felt bunnies for Easter.  Baby’s First Candy Cane 🙂
6.  Start on my Christmas Ornaments for my Etsy Store – My now 10 pages of ornaments.  I really hope the homemade paper clay works.

I will keep everyone posted 🙂

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