10/10/10 – A Brief Weekend Summary

So the only reason I wanted to post something today was because it was 10/10/10.  We had a fantastic crafty weekend, complete with a Dollar Store run! 

Dollar Store Score

The coolest Dollar Store Score EVER!  A gumball machine that I filled with CANDY CORN!!!  I LOVE CANDY CORN!

We did a Family Craft which was great! 

Working on our family craft project (Tie Dye – it was FUN!)

We also started on the eyeball wreath but the clay isn’t dry yet so we couldn’t finish it (my daughter was quite disappointed with this).

Working on the eyeball wreath

I also made my second batch of paper clay which went MUCH BETTER!  I pureed all the toilet paper in the blender a little bit at a time and the process took some time but the end result was FANTASTIC!  I also put everything on a paper screen and got as much water out of the paper pulp as possible (it looked like crumbled Feta).  I then mixed the everything (expect the pulp) and added the paper pulp a little at a time with a hand held electric mixer.  The batch is much smoother and I can’t wait to build with it!

First Batch is on the top.  The second batch is the bottom and noticeably smoother.

This weekend was so much fun and I can’t wait to start sculpting something that I really have not done since college.  It is very exciting to experiment and hopefully I will turn out some pretty cool pieces very soon.

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