Finish It Friday (Okay Unfinished Friday–LOL)

I have so many projects of different states of completion and nothing finished.  Here is my List:

  • Giraffe Ornament – still needs eyes, nose and a hanger
  • Felt Play Tent – making progress but almost at a stand still until I get the card table.
  • Grandma Presents – I am wood burning frames 1 is still in the wrapper the other is 75% done.
  • Coasters – Not even started
  • Cookies – Made my list
  • My daughter’s class party – I am making Gingerbread Men so the kids can decorate them (5 year olds + frosting = FUN!)
  • Jeff’s Present – not started
  • Jillian’s LPS House – not started
  • Manatee – 50% done
  • Christmas Cards – Not EVEN bought Sad smile

I promise I will get pictures up as soon as I finish something.  The Booga is teething again Sad smile so progress has been very slow on finishing items and I am getting over the crud.  I hope to have the tent completed this weekend and the frames also.  We will see hopefully the Christmas Elves will be on my side.

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