Yesterday’s List with Progress

Giraffe Ornament

  • Giraffe Ornament – still needs eyes, nose and a hanger  FINISHED!!!!
  • Felt Play Tent – making progress but almost at a stand still until I get the card table.  We are getting the table today so I should make more progress this weekend.
  • Grandma Presents – I am wood burning frames 1 is still in the wrapper the other is 75% done. I don’t want to upload photos yet because I want Grandma’s to see them before Christmas.
  • Coasters – Not even started I plan on tackling this today.
  • Cookies – Made my list and we are buying ALL the ingredients today.  I might make Cashew Brittle tomorrow and start the Peppermint Bark tonight.
  • My daughter’s class party – I am making Gingerbread Men so the kids can decorate them (5 year olds + frosting = FUN!)  I sent the letter out yesterday to remind the parents when the party is.
  • Jeff’s Present – not started – looked for the Iron On Transfers but they still elude me.
  • Jillian’s LPS House – STARTED!!!  After my computer crashed (BIG TIME!) last night I decided to take my frustrations out on some Foam Core.  I haven’t taken any photos yet because I was trying to get as much done as possible and I don’t want my daughter to even see the photos.
  • Manatee – 50% done I did get more teal paint so maybe I will work on that this weekend.
  • Christmas Cards – Not EVEN bought Sad smile  Hopefully that will also happen today.  Every day I get a Christmas card in the mail it makes me realize – Oh I haven’t done that yet.


It does make me feel better that I got something done Smile  I have spent the morning doing computer clean-up (uninstalling programs I never use – Soundbooth and Premier Pro), defrag and anything else to get my computer to run more smoothly (I have Vista so that will only go until the first “update” Sad smile – I HATE VISTA!).  I am hoping to have more items crossed off the list this weekend.  I am also going to start one of my Resolutions early – I will not have a post tomorrow!  I need to spend that time getting as much done as humanly possible. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend Open-mouthed smile  Also if you haven’t Vote for my Snowman please do Smile

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