Felt Play Tent–FINISHED!!!! Very picture HEAVY!

It has taken over a month but I finally finished my son’s Christmas present!  This project was time consuming and overwhelming at times, I honestly thought he would be in college before it was finished but I sit here 15 days before Christmas and the play tent is FINISHED!!!!  There are movable hands on clocks, peek-a-boo items, removable button flowers, and Velcro flowers.  The weight that has been lifted finishing this is AMAZING!!!!

So I will start at the beginning with the idea stage – that post was November 6.  I mentioned where I got the idea and how I was going to build the structure out of PVC pipe.  My how ideas change – the PVC pipe was out of the question.  I would have need 33 FEET of PVC pipe to complete the square and why would I spend that much on something that I couldn’t use later on.  We (I – the royal we) opted for the card table which I must add is FANTASTIC to have an additional work space for this time of the year.
With in 3 days of the first post I had started making progress November 9.  I showed the first pictures of the embellishments.  I slowly made progress and then posted the sketches on November 29.  It took me a while to figure out exactly what I was going to do with the tent – the sketches were numerous.  I posted sketches and explained what I planed to do on each panel.  I mentioned that I think my son will be in college before it is finished.  At this point I realized I had put way too much time into it not to finish and decided I might as well go all out.  Peek-a-boo leaves, shapes and a birdhouse along with removable apples, button flowers and a tic-tac-toe board.  Once the felt came I was ready to start sewing and finish because I knew I wouldn’t stop thinking about it until it was done.


The felt tent over the table (pinned not sewn – I took this picture yesterday before I sewed it together).  Another note I hand sewed this together because I thought it would be easier than using the machine.
The other two sides pinned together.


The engine side
Peek-a-boo Shapes on the Engine
More peek-a-boo shapes on the engine
Peek-a-boo Bear and Kitty under the the wheels on the engine
Peek-a-boo dog under the wheel on the engine.
The ticket window side.  The clock hands move and the dots represent the capitals of the states on the map.
The peek-a-boo Gnome (yep I did a gnome even though they creep me out).
Entrance side
Peek-a-boo puppy under the door
Peek-a-boo bird in the birdhouse
Peek-a-boo lady bug
Peek-a-boo butterfly
Peek-a-boo caterpillar
Peek-a-boo squirrel
Removable/reversible button flower
Removable/reversible button flower
Removable (Velcro) apples there are 5 of them
Caboose with pockets for the Tic-tac-toe game pieces
Tic-tac-toe game pieces
So there are all the photos of the felt play tent I have a feeling my son (and daughter) are going to LOVE this.  I can not tell you the weight that has been lifted off of me now that it is finished.  If anyone has any questions about the play tent drop me a line, I will try to answer all of them Smile  I will also try to get some “patterns” up after the holidays (I have too much to finish before the holidays).
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2 thoughts on “Felt Play Tent–FINISHED!!!! Very picture HEAVY!

    • I looked back through and no, I never posted them. I will try to get them up in the next couple of weeks. They are done for the most part I just need to upload and post.

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