Celebrate 365 Magazine–Happy Dance!

I found out Monday night that I will be on page 17 of the Christmas Issue of Celebrate 365.  Honestly it took every ounce of me not to shout this from the rooftops (I think it helped that the kids were asleep).  I have been waiting until the magazine goes on sale to do a huge blog post.  I am honored and humbled by what was written about my pieces and myself.  I do believe Christmas is a time for giving and that is what I try to do throughout the year.

So here it is Celebrate 365 – you can purchase your own copy here:

Outside Cover (so everyone knows what to look for):image


The Snowman, the Star and the Tree Ornament are currently available on my Etsy Store. 

Thank you to Connie and Celebrate 365 for choosing my ornaments Smile

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