2010 Review (and a plug for Creative EdVentures)

Well this my last post of 2010 and what better way to end the year then to give a HUGE recap.  I would also like to thank everyone for reading my blog I am aware that sometimes it has been a grammatical nightmare, I have gotten better (at least I think I have – lol) and sometimes a little troubling on the eyes but I would like to think that also has improved.   So here it is –

2010 In Review:

January – I did one post during that month – talking about all the holiday stuff I did and the beginning of Etsy Store.

February – I did five and a couple of those dealt with Artist Block.

March – I did fifteen post most dealt with the Garden.

April – I did twelve post.  I started taking photos of the kids outside, I got into metalsmithing and more about the garden.

May – Nine posts.  Metalsmithing, gardening, jewelry making, Photoshopping and great finds at Wal-mart.

June – Seven posts, lol.  My first Etsy Sale!  It took six months but I was thrilled (still am thrilled!)  I also detailed my painting marathon!

July – I did thirteen posts.  I painted more like a mad woman and sold more on Etsy.

August – Thirty – two posts!  Two of those were cakes one was the Mystery Machine Cake and the other the Death Star Cake.  It was also my 5th anniversary to my amazing supportive husband Smile and my daughter started school.  I also started doing Blog Hops which I am glad I did.

September – My son turned1 so there was another cake – Chewbacca.  I also discovered The Hive and artistic community.  I am grateful for stumbling upon, The Hive because it has made me a better artist (yes I can use that without cringing now) and has opened so many doors for me.  I also showed my first oil painting ever – My First Painting and Bob.  If you have not read that post I highly recommend it (it is one of my favorites).  I also did several other drawings and started doing Tasty Tuesdays (one of my weekly favorites).

October – I made Paper Clay and made several ornaments from the paper clay.  I sold six items at one time out of my Etsy Store.  I also made my daughter’s Littlest Pet Shop Cake.

November – Dealt with the beginning of the holidays (AKA:  Felt Tent).  I finished my kitchen cabinets, made a cool vase, trivets and cooked a very yummy Thanksgiving Dinner.  I also got a workstation away from prying hands (once again my husband ROCKS!!!!)  I also revealed that I paint with cheap acrylic craft paints.

December – It has been a huge blur from finishing of Felt Tent to the baking copious amounts of cookies.  To making coasters, eco-friendly flowers and origami star earrings.  I also found out I got into Celebrate 365 and I will have my own painting Web TV show on Creative EdVentures (starting January 6, 2011).

I do want to take a moment and remember a good friend of mine,  Ron Higgins who passed in June.  I didn’t mention it back in June because it was too difficult.  I was asked by the family to design the bulletin for the Memorial Service and for the funeral.  It was one of the most difficult things I have ever done.  I sat at the computer screen and cried, I was making this for my friend who I talked to two days ago.  I stayed focused and completed everything, I did it for Ron because he always had faith in my skills even when I did not.  I made the Forest Gump Cake for him and he was blown away by the cake.  To be honest I was blown away by the cake but he always had faith that I could pull it off.  Ron was also a HUGE Miami Dolphin fan and when Green Bay played the Packers this year I kept expecting my phone to light up with texts from Ron talking smack.  He was one of the nicest people I ever met and I will never forget him.

Now on to 2011 and continuing this journey called life.  I hope everyone will join me in the New Year on my blog and my new Web TV show The Paint Box.  There are so many wonderful crafters and artists that will be on the 2011 Creative EdVentures Lineup including Roberta Cohen, Cynthia Gagen and Maria Nerius I hope you will join them all!  Thank you and hope you had a great 2010 and I hope you have an even better 2011!

Sneak Peak of what I will be doing on The Paint Box:

Watercolor Moose001

This watercolor was painted with Crayola Watercolor Paints (ONLY Crayola Watercolor Paints and a special economical “Masking Fluid”) – tune in January 6, 2011, when I start demonstrating my techniques.

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