The Paint Box–Ink Wash

Today on The Paint Box I will be demoing how to do an Ink Wash Painting.  In hindsight I should have taught this technique first but with the difficultly of the ink I decided to teach it after I taught basic techniques.

One of the keys to a good ink wash painting is finding a monochromatic photo.  Monochromatic means a single color (hue) such as a black and white photograph.  The photo I will be using is a photograph of the front gate of Wormsloe Plantation I took for my college photography class.  According to my notes on the back it was the tenth one I printed and F16 (setting – exposure) for 5 sec – it took me a minute to remember what F16/5sec meant.

TPB Wormsole001

When I do ink washes I like to use a thicker hot pressed paper or an illustration board.  I will be using Bristol Board for my project.

The ink I will be using is India Ink.  I have not tried other inks with ink washes I have only ever used India Inks.  I also use a 6 space deep welled paint palette so I am not over whelmed with the different shades of the hue.

I drew the above photo with a watercolor pencil so I have a base to go by.  I also discovered my drawing skills today were sub-par at best.

TPB Wormsole002

The most important thing to remember when working with an ink wash is to work from light to dark.  You can always go darker but you CAN NOT go darker with ink.

If you are interested in seeing this project in progress check out The Paint Box at NOON EST today Smile

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