Finish My Thoughts Friday…

This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts.  It started Tuesday night with the post about PBS & NPR by Wednesday morning I had 28 comments awaiting moderation – one problem ALL ANONYMOUS!  I read each and everyone of them and then deleted each and everyone of them (in hindsight I should have done a collage of them – lol.)  I was called horrible names: Socialistic B*#$!, I was compared to Hitler and my personal favorite I was a socialist, fascist B^%$! and I was going to HELL and my whole family was going to burn in HELL for supporting this.  I definitely got an education I had no idea I could be a fascist and a socialist at the same time.  Many things crossed my mind on Wednesday including shutting down my Facebook Page, my email and my beloved Blog.  I want to state I did not get any threatening comments – I don’t consider burning in HELL threatening (I mean some of best friends will be sitting next to me – lol!) 

I guess my biggest beef was the fact that people were such cowards!  Anonymous – REALLY!?  This is going to sound harsh but I don’t care anymore – IF YOU BELIEVE IN SOMETHING BE MAN/WOMAN ENOUGH TO STAND BEHIND IT – OWN IT!  PUT YOUR NAME ON IT!  DO NOT BE A COWARD AND HIDE BEHIND ANONYMOUS!  This made me so mad I cleaned my whole pantry (even waxed the floor in there!  In all I had close to 70 anonymous comments.  I did have some support comments (that people put their names on them) but in fairness I turned the commenting off on the post and did not publish any of them (mainly because I did not want them to be subjected to what I was going through.)  I am sorry if this makes anyone mad but I thought it was the best way.  I also figured out how to stop anonymous people from posting on my blog so this will not happen in the future.

I wanted to make people aware of what was happening and make people aware how messed up our government is right now – case in point Wisconsin.  I am not going to get into another hot button topic on my blog.  I wish I could discuss this issue more on my blog but it is an art blog and I feel it is not appropriate to discuss politics here.  I honestly thought PBS and NPR were categorized under the artsy category and I thought it was important to shed light on this.  I admit I made a mistake bringing this up on my Art Blog and I apologize to my readers and next time I will think before I act Smile

One thought on “Finish My Thoughts Friday…

  1. Amanda, I'm an American living in the UK with my English hubby, and I put npr and pbs in the same category as the BBC. Now, I may not always love the way the BBC covers news, esp as hubby works in govt and knows the whole story, but I regard them as a total necessity. same with npr. listening to car talk and this American Life each week are literally the only American shows or whatever that I actually have a real feeling of warmth toward.(reality shows aren't my thing…) so please don't think you're the only, um, simultaneous fascist/socialist. Plus, I live in NHS country and it has always treated me well. apparently saying that is un-american too. screw em all.home of the brave, right? they're all cowards! Jenna Excell

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