My Indoor Garden Experiment

I love to garden it is relaxing and makes me feel good that I can grow food for my family (and flowers for myself).  The flip side is I kill every plant I bring inside my house.  Seriously my house is a DEAD ZONE, I have killed so many house plants and I have no idea why but I have always been like this.  I did recently (this winter) discover Plant Genie (Dollar Store purchase)which waters your plants for you.  Low and behold I didn’t kill my plants this winter – how cool is that?

So I was thinking what could I use to imitate the Plant Genie?  BEER BOTTLES!  I have been saving them because I am going to line my garden with them (I read somewhere it will help with the slugs) and I thought it would look cool to have a garden bed full of various bottles.

Beer Bottle Planter

Why yes that is a Sam Adams Nobel Pils bottle Smile  Jeff says the plant has good taste in beer Smile with tongue out  The other round glass thing it The Plant Genie. 

So far, none of the plants have died and there is still water in the bottle (half full) and it has been 3 days.  If it does work – Hello PLAID Enamel Paints and some “Vintage” looking plant paintings Smile.


We also started our seeds this week:

Seed Setup

Setup getting ready to fill with soil.

Gardening Fail

Added water to get the soil ready to plant seeds – Tray Fail.  I was unaware the tray was cracked.

More Fail

The mess under the table from tray fail.

Metal Tape Rules

Metal Tape to the rescue!  It is not just for duct work and crafts anymore Smile

Planting Seed

My helper planting tomato, corn, cauliflower and cucumber seeds.  Hoping to get outside and work on the beds today and plant some pea seeds Open-mouthed smile

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