How to Hide the Attribution in Blogger (New Templates)


I personally think the new templates are nice but I don’t need the Attribution Box – Watermark Template and Powered by Blogger.  I’m sorry but I have changed the original design so much that it doesn’t even look like the original template and the background is mine.  I searched high and low for a code and honestly don’t remember where I got it (I was doing it for another blog for a friend and did not book mark it).  The following is how to hide (NOT REMOVE THE ATTRIBUTION!) from the bottom (Footer) of your blog.

The template I am currently using is Watermark.  This code will work on all templates because you are changing the CSS code from what I understand is dominate over HTML (that is how I understood it, I could be out in left field on this).

What the Attribution Bar looks like in the Design Screen.

What the screen will look like in Template Designer.

First log into Blogger –> Dashboard –> Design –> Template Designer –>Advance –> Scroll Down to Add CSS –> add this code: .Attribution {display:none;}  –> Apply to Blog.  The Attribution has been removed.

Close up of where to put the code:  .Attribution {display:none;}

Apply to Blog

What my Attribution Bar like now on the Digi Shoppe Blog.

I did add my own Attribution by Adding a Gadget.  To add a gadget:  Log into Blogger –> Dashboard –> Design –> Add a Gadget –> Pick your gadget (I chose Text) –> Add Information (I did basic Attribution – Design ©2011 by A.J.’s Arts and Designs – –> Save

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