Not Wordless Wednesday – Meeting Robi

Yesterday I met Roberta Cohen and her husband Sid in person!  I was really excited and a tad nervous about meeting them in person.  I Skype with Robi quite a bit so I knew we would get along fabulously but I was still nervous.  I knew Robi wouldn’t care what my house looked like (because friends don’t care and trust me she has seen my house via Skype in some diaster situations before) but I still dusted, cleaned the bathrooms and tried really hard to pick up my toys.  They arrived around dinner time and my daughter was absolutely in love with them – I mean anyone who brings a Fairy Trinket Box in a Pink Rhinestone Box is her BFF.  Booga gave the normal staring treatment to all new people and very shortly warmed up to Sid and Robi.  I want to thank The Hive (because without them I would have never found Creative EdVentures), Creative EdVentures (because without them I would have never met Robi) and Robi (Sid too!) for a wonderful evening chatting about life and art!

Robi and I
Trying to get a photo with everyone looking
Almost Booga turned his head at the last second
Sid reading my daughter her story – it was very cute and she loved it!

Side note Robi has her own show on the Creative EdVentures Web TV that airs at 11:30 pm on Thursdays, called Robi@Nite.  She is an amazing artist and person, I am so lucky (and proud) to call her my friend.

5 thoughts on “Not Wordless Wednesday – Meeting Robi

  1. OMG Maddy! I just saw this post NOW!~We fell in love with you and your family and thank you so much for inviting us into your home. It was wonderful being able to see all of your beautiful artwork (the stuff we never get to see). The best part of our meeting was that I really got to see you as a real person! :):A loving wife, mommy, artist, and friend! I have a new-found respect for you as a wonderfully talented woman, and for that I am most grateful.

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