What I am working on… Pictures

So I decided (with nudging from Robi on Tuesday) to create some pieces for the Creative Paper Clay Design Team.  The deadline is the 15th (I like pressure – lol) so I have been working very hard to get these pieces done.  Last night I was up until the wee hours finishing the fairy so it can dry and I have time to paint it before next Friday.  I have to do two pieces and they are both officially in the drying stage.  I must admit I love the Paper Clay. It does dry quickly, but nothing a spray bottle on hand won’t cure.  I don’t consider myself a sculptor… I have always left that up to my mom but I think she will be pleasantly surprised tomorrow when she sees the fairy. (MY MOMMY WILL BE HERE TOMORROW!!!!)  I am quite pleased with how my fairy turned out (now not to mess it up with the painting – lol).

WIP – Butterfly Painting built up with Paper Clay

The painting in the drying stage (the state it is currently in).

Close up of the fairy – not painted (current state)

Back of fairy

I thought was a cool picture

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