Our Fairy Filled Weekend

Our weekend was filled Fairies and Gnomes with help from Oatland Island’s Fairy and Gnome Fest.  My daughter built a Fairy House and the Booga, well was the Booga. 

I love this picture of her… I see some Photoshopping in my future with this photo

Our Fairy Princess with the Fairy House she built

Booga Gnome – I admit this is one cute Gnome I managed to find.

Jeff and the Fairy Princess
Me – Jeff always takes weird angled photos  

The butterfly painting before the accident.

I also made progress on both the Fairy and the butterfly.  Since my mom is here she has been great help telling me what is wrong with my fairy (no fingers and basic definition).  I also worked some more on the butterfly painting, the butterfly did have an accident my daughter decided that it needed help flying so she broke the wing.  After a small breakdown on my part I was able to easily fix the wing.  I hope to have some more photos soon.  If not everything will be up on Friday, so if you don’t here from me for a couple days that is why… wish me luck that I finish everything 🙂

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