Quick Blog Post

Well after the FUBAR yesterday’s post caused today I am going to relax and enjoy my two screaming children (because my kids are AWESOME!!!!)  I am also going to prepare for DATE NIGHT with my amazing husband (remember the T.A.P. dress shoes – tomorrow is show time!)

I wanted to also let y’all know I am on the C&T Publishing Creative Troupe Blog for my Monster T.A.P. Shoes!!!  I am extremely humbled by this and want to thank C&T Publishing!  I hope everyone has a great weekend (I know I will!)

P.S.  Due to the happenings of yesterday,  I did go through and set up comment moderation on my blog.  I hope y’all don’t mind I just don’t need a bunch of people I don’t know criticizing me for something they have no business sticking their nose in.

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