Bored Housewife?

So the one comment that I find absolutely hilarious in all of Fridays happenings is the bored housewife comment.  Bored?  Since I have become a stay at home mom I am NOT bored there is always something to do (I find there is not enough hours in the day to do it all).  I have two children, who I love with all my heart and would do anything for them – yes they scream they are 5 and almost 2.  I think people who have older children forget how much energy little kids have (especially a Booga).  I am up most mornings by 5:45am and go to bed around 11pm (or a little later) at night.  My day is spent chasing the Booga around and trying to find fun projects for my 5 year old daughter.

I would be lying if I said those comments didn’t bother me because they did but who are they to tell me I am belittling and condescending to people (when I was attacked by them).  I also know I have the truth on my side, I have NEVER done anything to any of them.  I have only ever been supportive but I guess my support has been taken wrong.  We all know how much of a fan of anonymous posts I am – for the record Anonymous is the cowards way out, if I say something I put my name beside it and stand by it and I have had to apologize for that in the past because I was wrong.  Being able to admit you are wrong makes you a better person as for karma winning out in the end – it will my friend it will. I would love for them to produce these items I am acused of doing and since they are anonymous I would love and IP address – screen shots are also preferred because anyone can create items in Word or Photoshop.  I have proof and the truth, after a long weekend of thinking I refused to be bullied into submission.  I have worked to damn hard to have a bunch of bullies take it away from me.  I could careless if 1 person or 100 people show up to my shows I have fun doing it and I know the people who do watch like it as well (or they wouldn’t watch).  If people don’t like my screaming kids or my wonderful husband doing dishes in the background they don’t have to watch.  I am not in a production studio (I am in my living room), I do not get paid for this, I do it for fun and I love doing it.  I know my show is a little unpolished right now because I gave my demo cam to my mom so she could Skype with her grandchildren (my birthday is in 19 days – guess what my mommy is getting me for my birthday!)

I was trained as a teacher, I have taught formal art classes (for several years) I have also done private lessons.  Who are they to question my abilities and accomplishments.  I have numerous accolades but I don’t brag about them, why my artwork speaks for itself.  I don’t have to brag because not I can’t produce the items because people don’t want to read about stuff like that.  I have sold numerous painting and have been doing commissioned pieces since high school.  As for being insulted by being called a crafter, quite the opposite happened I am honored that people think of me as a crafter.  Crafter or artist I could careless, I enjoy what I do and I am thrilled that I am able to share my stuff (artwork or crafts) with the world.

My goal for the week is to put this behind me and MOVE ON!!!  I have decided to start doing periodic broadcast on my Ustream channel similar to Creative EdVentures Come2Chat (they are on hiatus for the remainder of the summer).  Once Creative EdVentures is back I will not be doing these if they continue with Come2Chat – this is their time slot (not mine).  I will focus on Children’s Crafts and easy, educational stuff for younger children.  It will be at NOON EST.  I’m not sure what days (pretty much whatever day my daughter wants to be on camera). 

I want to thank everyone for your support through this and I am very humbled by everyone kind words.  I guess in a way she awoke a sleeping giant or poked at this Leo a little too hard, I am not out for revenge just vindication for myself, my family, the amazing viewers and readers of my blog. 

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