Swag Buck, FREE Art Supplies and Me

A couple months ago I jumped on the Swag Bucks band wagon – I figured I will try anything once.  I like the idea of earning FREE Amazon Gift Cards but I thought there is no way this could possibly work.  I have gotten 3 – $5 gift cards but up until this week they have sat there.  I ordered my first set of Adirondack Alcohol Inks from Amazon and they didn’t cost me a penny.  Not that I doubted it worked but I guess until I made my first purchase from Amazon it didn’t seem real.  I am a officially hooked I like the idea of free money to purchase art supplies with or Christmas presents with (my daughter wants a DS from Santa). 

I am usually against search bars other than Google but I broke down and installed the Swag Bucks Search Bar.  It is not Google but I can earn Swag Bucks using the search feature.  I can honestly say I am impressed that it works.  I have yet to max out on Swag Bucks a day – I don’t qualify for too many Surveys with Jeff working for the media and I have yet to max out on Swag TV – 75 swag bucks a day (10 videos = 3 SBs, which means I need to watch 250, 1 minute videos a day).  I have not done any other offers such as GAP or Netflix (which we already have), I also haven’t printed out any coupons or referred any body.  My Swag Bucks are pretty much from searches and special Swag Codes. 

So if you are curious about Swag Bucks and want to give it a whirl – CLICK HERE.  You can sign up and then I get a referral (which is pretty cool). 

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