So much to do…

Well my allergies decided to act up on Sunday so I accomplished NOTHING!!!!  I did try to work on Jeff’s computer but much to our disappointment I have been unsuccessful at fixing it.  We believe we have narrowed it down to a corrupted set up file for his fire wall and anti-virus software that will not allow us to deleted it.  This file seems to preventing us to download any other download anti virus software.  Can I just say how much I love my MAC after using Jeff’s PC – I do have above average computer knowledge and I truly hate not being able to figure out what is wrong with a computer.

I did get 20 apples completely finished on Saturday so I am making progress on that front.  I am sure they will be appreciated but I am really starting to question if I will be able to finish all of them.  I honestly just wish I felt better because I have so much to do and very little motivation to do it right now.

My goal for the week is to get the all the apples/leaves cut out and sanded.  I think I can get that done or the majority of them done.  I also need to finish my Festive Friday Card and put some new items on Etsy, which I am hoping to do tomorrow.  I finally figured out how to finish the double owls so I may get them done this week.

I also need to work on Booga’s Halloween Costume so he actually has one.

It should be an interesting week, we have Girl Scouts Tuesday which is always interesting with the Booga in tow. 

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