A Year in Review

So I went back through and found my goals for 2012 my responses will be in green this year.


  • Start challenges maybe once a month or once a quarter.  I think a challenge would be a lot of fun and I want to offer prizes to the winner.  – This did not happen, I honestly do not have the time to do something like this.  I am not quite sure what I was thinking on this


  • Expand the Digi Shoppe.  I have let it sort of slide by the wayside with Christmas but I want to do some special Freebies there to drive more traffic. – Oh I a complete revamp of the Digi Shoppe and plan on offering my Freebie Fridays and New Releases on Mondays.  I would like to focus more on this in the New Year.


  • Scrapbook – I want my children’s scrapbook to reflect the age they really are. – Did not happen and to be realistic I don’t see this happening anytime soon.  My goal is to finish our vacation by the end of the year (it could happen.)


  • Design Teams – I am going to continue doing Design Teams they keep me motivated, focus and those creative juices flowing.  – I got burnt out with Design Team Work, I decided to start on my own stuff (the Digi Shoppe).  I am really happy with that decision.  I am now a staff reporter for Craft Critique which I am so excited about this great opportunity.


  • Updating my Etsy and Zibbets shops.  Smaller items I am going to keep on my Zibbet Shop because they don’t charge a listing fee.  Bigger items on my Etsy Store.  – Not really Etsy is hard and if you are not constantly adding items you won’t sell anything.  I might in the new year try it again.


  • Paint MORE!!!!  Watercolors – I want to get back to basics and really show my daughter the basics of art.  – I did paint some not nearly as much as I wanted.  I did a huge pig commission painting.  


  • Organization is always on the list and makes it way to the top.  – I went through and labeled all of my drawers so I am making progress on this front.


  • Garden – I want an apple tree for my front yard, 2 grape vines (red and green), a coffee plant and Mini Orange Tree.  These are all items my children eat their weight in (not the coffee) and I would love fresh grapes off the vine! – Didn’t happen but I am pretty sure I am getting an apple tree soon, which makes me really happy!  I might even get a grape vine but since someone hit our fence we need to replace that first.


  • Keep my weight in check – I am standing in a Wedding in August (my brother is getting married) and the measurements need to be in by February so I really need to keep my weight in check.  – YES!  I am happy to report I am the thinnest I have ever been, I am not on ANY medicine and I feel great (exercise can do that!)


  • Laugh more – laughing, hearing my kids laugh over the strangest things makes me laugh. – YES!  I laughed a lot this year with some very dear friends and I love them all!


  • Give more hugs – I like hugs.  I am a hugger and I love giving and receiving hugs.  Booga is a hugger he runs up to friends and gives hugs.  – Yep I visited with family I got lots of hugs 🙂


  • Read more – I want to finish more than one book. – Yes I FINISHED the following books:  The Scarlet Letter, Gold and Fishes, Mama Told Me Not To Come – A Justice Security Novel, The Red Rooster, and The Titanic Plan (Thank you Kindle App.)


  • One weekend a month go unplugged – I am really going to try and do this.  More family craft projects!  – Some weekends but not really


  • Try a new meal once a month – I just downloaded a Crock Pot Cookbook to my phone (Kindle App.)  – I think this went pretty well this year.  I tried a lot of new recipes and a new life style dietary change (hello gluten free).


  • Try something new – I really want to learn how to crochet – so if everyone on my Christmas List gets hats for Christmas next year I finally figured it out! – I did sort of learn how to crochet but I admit my patience for crocheting is not quite there yet.  I need to work on that before I can really try again, I will get there but not there yet.


  • Work on my actual Portfolio – get an actual resume going.  – Yes I did work on it quite a bit (I hope to be able to spill some more beans very soon!)


  • Have more pieces displayed at the Craft and Hobby Association Summer Show.  – I honestly am quite happy with my decisions not to continue with my Design Team work and I hope to be able to elaborate on this answer a little more in the coming weeks!

I think I did pretty good.  I now need to really think about what I want for 2013 because I personally think I did pretty darn good for 2012!

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